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Stupid Boy
"You know...." The sound of her voice cutting through the darkness was sudden and unexpected, although barely above a whisper.
He turned his head a fraction to glance at her from the corner of his eye, but just as he expected she wasn't looking at him, her face was blank. They had been sitting in the same spot for hours, surrounded by absolute silence, aside from the sound of the ocean waves pounding against the base of the cliff below, and he began to wonder if she had really said anything at all or if it had just been the wind. He knew better though, so he waited, there was no need to respond, she would finish her thought eventually..or maybe not but he knew asking would only slow the process. She seemed to do that a lot, but he was used to it by now.
"Alex... Sometimes, I don't think you really want to be here."
He jumped as she spoke his name, she never used his name.. "Why would you say that?" His voice was shaky and uncertain as he looked at her fully now. She was pulling the hoo
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Don't feel sad... by songbreezewolf Don't feel sad... :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 2 0 Finished by songbreezewolf Finished :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 1 0 WIP Yami Bakura by songbreezewolf WIP Yami Bakura :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 1 0 A thing by songbreezewolf A thing :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 0 0 Rat Study 2 by songbreezewolf Rat Study 2 :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 5 1 Rat Study by songbreezewolf Rat Study :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 1 0 Husky by songbreezewolf Husky :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 0 0
Even the soft whisper of slippered feet seemed to echo loudly along the hallway as Angela made her way towards the set of oaken stairs that led to the lower level of the house.
She'd thought she had heard something as she lay in her bed, slowly drifting off to sleep. It was a tiny sound, like the tingle of very small bells being disturbed by a slight draft. It had only sounded once, and she had barely heard it even then, but it had awoken her, and compelled her to leave her warm bed and venture out of her room in search of the noise.
But now at the top of the staircase, the brass chamber stick held aloft to cast the light of its weak flame down into the darkness of the lower floor, she was beginning to think herself silly.
"It could have been anything," she argued softly to herself, "A loose shutter lock, a neighbor's wind chimes." But despite her doubts she began to descend the stairs. pulling her night gown closer to her body, as the fire had gone out hours ago and a chill had begun
:iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 1 2
Jessie ran, ran for all she was worth. Her head was pounding and her lungs felt like they were filled with fire, but she couldn't stop now, she didn't know if she could ever stop. The beast was on her now, and  she could hear it crashing through the dense underbrush, snapping twigs and saplings as it barreled its way along the path, tears began to build at the corners of her eyes.
The night had begun so normally. Jessie and a few friends had gone down to the lake like they did ever so often, to build a small fire, listen to music and just hang out. It was something they'd all done together since middle school. As she lay studying for finals earlier that evening, Jessie's friend Maria had called, she knew it was Maria and picked up on the first ring, to go over plans that hadn't changed in years. The pick-up, the short drive, and the things they always brought with them. …normal…
When they had gotten to their usual spot, people were already there and she greeted her
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Silhouette by songbreezewolf Silhouette :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 4 1 This... by songbreezewolf This... :iconsongbreezewolf:songbreezewolf 1 2

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A lithe demoness, her form somewhat resembling a wolf. Standing 4' at the shoulder and 9' from nose to tail with an additional 6' added by the tail itself. Her fur is an ashen grey, broken only by the light blue tribal markings that cover her body. Milky white, pupiless eyes, tinted with a bluish color lead some to believe her blind. In truth, being born in the Underdark, her eyes are more like heat seeking organs.

A mane of dark navy blue runs from just before a pair of medium sized backward curving horns that sit betwixt her long, thin bat-like ears and running down the length of her spine, gradually narrowing as it reaches the tip of her long prehensile tail, where it then flares out into a large tuft of wiry yet flexible guard hairs. Partially hidden by the mane is a double row of semi-retractable, razor sharp spines which run from the base of the skull to tail tip. What little of her skin that is visible, such as the inner ears, gums, tongue and paw pads are of a lilac color, peppered with irregular bright acid green blotches.

Bodily fluids consist of a brackish, tar-like substance which acts as a highly corrosive acid, able to burn through any material aside from compact crystalline structures such as diamond, quartz, crystal, etc.,. This fluid is also manually secreted from small glands attached to the muscles surrounding her claws and back spines and also in her throat, making her able to forcibly vomit it onto an enemy. Anywhere this fluid touches becomes barren for a time, unable to support even the hardiest of plant life.

Her native tongue is Abyssal, but the language she usually speaks is that of Naven, also known as 'Alltongue' or 'Common', this allows her to understand and be understood by all.  

Her only attire in this form is a shadowsilk cloak given to her by her mate, Daegarr, manipulated to appear as a black, denim trench coat with royal purple trim. Silvery runes run parallel to each other from shoulder to hem on either side of her back spines. These runes imbue the cloak with the ability to camouflage her against any background to the point of near invisibility, in human form it can be manipulate into any form fitting outfit of her choosing. The cloak also enhances her abilities as a thief, increasing her level of stealth as well as being able to draw objects into its inner confines once it is within her grasp.

Among her accessories are several body mods, the most prevalent being her piercings which consist of three studs in the right ear, one in the left, snakebites and labret, and her long prehensile tongue is pierced several times over both vertically and horizontally, each bar, spaced approximately an inch apart boasting a different color or charm totaling 36 in all. On her right wrist she wears a simple silver bracelet adorned with a diamond lotus flower charm, given to her by Jazzy.

Set about her slender neck is a solid ring of onyx, inscribed in silver, spidery draconic runes that glow with an almost indiscernible reddish tint. The front adorned with a silver dragon head, a small ring clasped in its maw, bearing a sword shaped pendant with a dragon winged cross bar, the tip of which rests just above her ample cleavage, the hilt of the sword is inset with a blood red, inverted  teardrop shaped ruby.


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